Highly accurate, flexible, robust and scalable multicamera system for spacecraft autonomous attitude determination through low cost cameras

ARGO 1.0 is a novel star tracker architecture specifically designed to maximize performance and reliability of multicamera configuration, targeting the needs of the emerging small satellites market, especially in term of cost-competitiveness.

  • Fully autonomous (no need of other sensors - f.i. gyros, sun sensor...)
  • Flexible configuration according to customer needs, from 1 camera (monocamera) up to 5 cameras (multicamera)
  • RPCU/RPDU available for multicamera version
  • Flexible camera accommodation in the platform
  • High accuracy also in monocamera version
  • Real-time data fusion of raw data measurements of all cameras (multicamera)
  • In-flight camera model calibration
  • In-flight relative camera attitude calibration (multicamera)
  • Smart data processing to filter platform jitter
  • Output @ 10 Hz: attitude (quaternion), angular speed, angular acceleration